Avengers: Endgame

Every generation has a legend…

The opening sequence. Just brilliant. Hawkeye turning around to discover his family had vanished. A weakened Iron-Man, looking completely done with life out in space before getting rescued from Captain Marvel. Then starts whining and blaming Cap, all whilst looking extremely fragile and weak.

Just fantastic acting all round. Then they space-jumped to Thanos’ retirement planet, Thor just had about enough and chops the purple alien’s head off. Brilliant. Cut scene.

5 years later. Who could have predicted this plot? The opening scene certainly felt like a continuation from Infinity War and “new” movie started here. The next 30mins or so was definitely slow-paced but I had no problems with it. Compared with to the maniac pace that was Infinity War, this was a nice change. It dealt with the aftermath of the previous movie and rightly so; half the population gone is a BIG deal.

I’ve also always enjoyed these slow character moments more than the actual kicking-ass superhero action sequences.

Black Widow is now taking up the director role overseeing everything. Following her journey from Iron Man 2 and watching her character grow has been so satisfying. Especially after Civil War she’s been wrestling with an identity issue, her sense of purpose and it looks like she’s found it. Great performance from Scarlet Johansson as well, little moments like the scene with Rhodey discussing about Hawkeye and we saw the conflict within her. Powerful stuff.

Tony has a kid. Cap runs a support group —he helps people, its in his DNA— Hawkeye is off on a kamikaze run. And Thor has large belly.

Pardon the low-res image

Is there a character who has lost more than Thor? Especially after Infinity War; His parents? Gone. Loki. Gone. Heimdall. Gone. More than half the people of his planet. Gone. He feels this responsibility and burden from within himself to end the suffering, but fails. Lord of Thunder be damned, every person has their breaking point. Even the seemingly indestructible can fall into depression, and his arc involved my favourite cameo; his mom. It showed that family support is important, whoever it may be.

Also Chris Hemsworth; his comedic timing is gold. I’m glad they build upon the lighter comedic style we got from Ragnarok. I do have a small issue. Remember in Ragnarok it was this big deal when he lost Mjolnir and a big part of his character development was learning to utilise his powers without Mjolnir, unlocking his potential without a weapon. Now he’s back using another weapon, Stormbreaker, so I’m just a bit 🤷‍♀️

The big question after Infinity War was how we were going to get out heroes back. The once who got snapped anyway. I thought they’ll get the time stone or something but turns out it was time travel. Of course! What better way to do it, it brings up so many opportunities for run-ins with previous movies that we’ve known and watched over the years.

Time travel here is unique for a movie. Nearly all time travel rules I’ve known follow the Back to the Future concept, change the past, change the future. Doesn’t quite work that way here.

The rules were clear enough and they did it early on through Hulk and The Ancient One. Oh yes, Hulk.

Loved what they did with the big green dude and how Banner achieved the transformation. Banner usually saw Hulk as a weakness, but now he learned to embrace that in order to find the cure. It’s clear that he’s been reading up on the works of the great, ancient philosopher Tyrion Lannister:

“Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armour and it can never be used to hurt you.”

Of course all these time-travelling wouldn’t have been possible without the rat.

The rat that was promised

So off goes our heroes, on their quest to save the world. Then starts the next act of the movie and the tempo picks up.

I love, love the fact this movie focused so much on our original Avengers, with a couple additions (Ant-Man and Nebula who were both fantastic). One final hurrah for the OG team. Also think back to what Nat (Black Widow) said on the platform, “See you guys later” or was it “See you in a bit”. Kills you when you know what’s coming 😢.

That scene between Hawkeye and Nat on Vormir; best choreography of the movie. Scenes between these two since Avengers have always been about their friendship with each other. This is what gave the emotional weight behind the scene. I would have guessed Hawkeye would die; he has a family so it would be more emotional maybe? And I loved the fact that we were kept guessing until the very end. I mean who had their money on Black Widow dying in this movie?!! It was always Cap or Iron Man, I certainly didn’t think Black Widow would go. The first female hero in the MCU, will be missed 🙏.

I was particularly ecstatic on how it wrapped up for my favourite character; the scrawny kid from Brooklyn.

So many great Captain America moments in Endgame. 2019 Cap vs 2012 Cap. The “hail hydra” whisper in the elevator which harks back to the scene in Winter Soldier. But the most WOW moment has to be: Mjolnir. The way it was shot was so shocking and awesome at the same time. Thor was struggling on the ground, before Mjolnir flew — I thought into Thor’s hand — right past Thor and woosh; into Cap’s hand 😍. He is worthy. Of course he is. He’s Captain friggin’ America!

Some people were up in arms about Cap ending up with Peggy in the end, mainly saying they’ve both “moved on” and Cap had his new relationship going with Sharon. I disagree. I’d say the door was never completely shut on Cap & Peggy. It would be bad writing if there’s only one path a character could head to so I felt the option was always there.

Peggy was and always will be; Cap’s best girl. He finally had the chance to live the life Tony wanted him to have, and he took it. I could not have written a more poignant ending.

Oh yes Tony. Great arc, meaningful death.

I mean he’s changed so much since the first Iron Man movie. Long gone is the billionaire, playboy Tony from the days of yore. He’s got a kid now, more of a family man nowadays. Small gripe, how he solved time travel seemed a bit too easy and quick. With a runtime of 3 hours I understand the need to keep it short, but still.

The main theme in this movie, for me, is family. It’s brought up so much throughout the movie’s runtime; Hawkeye with his family, Thor and his mum, Nat and even more so with Tony’s character arc. I especially loved the beautiful moment he had with his dad, Howard, as he was time-travelling back to the ‘70s to retrieve one of the infinity stones.

As they stood together in the elevator — at this point Howard was expecting a son (Tony) — Tony just seemed so, so eager to tell his dad about his daughter. He just couldn’t help it. Then Howard was telling Tony how scared and nervous he was about being a father and the back and forth; such a touching moment. Tony had always struggled with his parents’ untimely death. Decades later, he finally found closure.

I’m never one for big battles, but I thought the final battle went as well as anyone could have hoped. As Cap stood alone — “I could do this all day” style — facing down Thanos and his army, then came the swift “On your left”. And they began appearing, the whole lot, one by one. Goosebumps.

Doctor Strange said there’s a one in a million chance they’d defeat Thanos. And this was it. The only way it could end in victory; in the hands of Iron Man. The one to end it, is the one who started it all. There’s a sense of poetic justice in all of that.

Special mention to Pepper Potts. As Tony, the love of his life, lay there barely alive after the snap, he pushed Peter gently away and calmly, holding it all together said to Tony “it’s okay, we’re gonna be okay”. Then Tony’s heart stopped and she just lost it. I lost it too.

In the end, Endgame is the culmination of 22 movies, starting way back when in 2008 with the first Iron Man movie. It is on a scale never been done before in cinematic history. All of the movies don’t necessarily connect directly with each other, but they’re set in the same vast universe. So each time a new movie is released, it enriches the universe, builds new relationships and creates an overarching an story.

Endgame builds on top of the movies, all the world building and characters that came before it, and boy does it pay off.

What makes these MCU movies so successful in my mind is not due to the visual effects, big superhero showdowns (although they do help). It’s because amidst the flashy CGI they tell a human story that almost everyone could relate to. These movies have certainly had an impact on me.

I give Avengers: Endgame an A+.

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